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2059 None 9/21/2010

Hi my name is Anna, I am from Armenia. Our baby is 1 years old, can we give her "Tweekz"?
In description of products I couldn't find from which age we can use products like "Tweekz"? And please answer, now can I order "Rice" or not ? 2 months ago you said that in september you will have it.

Thank you

Response From Cambrooke Therapeutics
All of our low protein food products are appropriate for children if they are at they age where they are able to chew and eat food. You just need to keep track of the protein and phe content. The Tweekz have 44 mg of phe per 3 Tweekz (one serving). The Short Grain Rice has 11 mg of phe per 50 g (dry) serving. You will probably want to break the Tweekz into tiny pieces for your one-year-old.