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1028 Read in Aviation Week you were closing this year, which is sad, especially from a 'not knowing' standpoint. Not a wine drinker at all but a retired MSgt, USAF and was curious if you had any bottles left with slightly modern aircraft on them, i.e. Century Series or F-111, if you ever did. The B-17 would also interest me, but again, I know you are probably sold out in all of those, if any. IF you do have anything in that vein, I would appreciate knowing about it. Thank you!!! 4/12/2017

1026 What's a cold pack and box have to do with shipping and waiting? Does it cost more? 8/4/2016

1023 I like Merlot, do you have one? 12/9/2015

1022 Is the Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc white wine the same as the Estraié Affaire Sauvignon Blanc? 7/12/2015

1020 Is it possible to have my wine order shipped to a local pickup point open on Saturdays? I'm not at home a lot. 7/10/2015

1019 Do you offer tours and tastings? 4/17/2015

1017 Are the airplane art editions available on the white wine? 3/28/2015

1015 I want to buy a six pack of wine and I would like to know if I could get like both Pan Am clipper bottles C 130 bottle the b-29 bottle phantom RF for bottle the constellation bottle 3/22/2015

1014 Do you have a tasting room and, if so, location, hours etc. Thanks. 3/8/2015

1013 Is the Cabernet wines with the airplane labels the same Cabernet wines without them? Do they cost more than the Cabernet wines without the airplane labels? 2/26/2015

1012 Are your wines available in my local store? 2/19/2015

1011 Do you ship only one bottle? 2/9/2015

1010 Can you ship wine to Canada or other foreign countries? 2/9/2015

1008 Is Wilderness of Tigers available in Kindle or Nook? 2/6/2015

1007 How long does it take to get the wine, I have a special event date? 2/6/2015