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You give a formula for converting a Well Plan baking mix to a Cambrooke baking mix, but you gave it only in cups. I always do my low-pro baking in grams. Could you give me a formula in grams, please? Thank you.

Response From Ajinomoto Cambrooke
The conversion for the Well Plan baking mix in grams is below.

145 g Well Plan Baking Mix = 96.6 g of Wheat Starch and 48.4 g of All Purpose Baking Mix


  • Baking Mix THUMBNAIL
Baking MixAll Purpose - 907 g / 2 lb pouch
A Dry Ship Item
  • Wel-Made Baking Mix THUMBNAIL
Wel-Made Baking MixWel-Made Baking Mix 907 g / 2 lb pouch
A Dry Ship Item