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2505 Can you make and freeze with the low protein Chicken Patty Mix? 9/8/2019

2499 Is this the same noodle that is in the Pasta Duets Macaroni and cheese? 6/6/2019

2488 I would like to know what ingredients in this product (Chicken Patty Mix)hold the iron value? 11/21/2018

2487 When making the mini frittatas can you use your Baking Mix as opposed to the Mixquick? 9/19/2018

2480 You give a formula for converting a Well Plan baking mix to a Cambrooke baking mix, but you gave it only in cups. I always do my low-pro baking in grams. Could you give me a formula in grams, please? Thank you. 4/30/2018

2476 How many servings in a bag? 4/3/2018

2470 What is the shelf life of your uncooked product? Does opening it change this shelf life? If so, what is the shelf life once the product has been opened? 1/10/2018

2469 can you order half cases of the onion rings? 12/9/2017

2468 What are your gluten free products? Do you have gluten free bread? 11/26/2017

2466 how many sheets of dough per box? 10/19/2017

2460 Is this wheat starch gluten free? Thank you. 8/21/2017

2458 what is the shelf life of this product? 7/21/2017

2399 Where can I get the CBF cream cheese? 8/24/2015

2394 Is the butter called for in some of your cookie recipes (such as Brooke's Chocolate Chip recipe) real butter? How can this be used in a PKU diet? 7/26/2015

2390 Can the baking mix and MixQuick be used interchangeably in cookie recipes? I want to make my grandson gingerbread cookies, and the recipe calls for MixQuick, which I don't have. I have the baking mix if I can use that. 7/10/2015