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2466 how many sheets of dough per box? 10/19/2017

2460 Is this wheat starch gluten free? Thank you. 8/21/2017

2458 what is the shelf life of this product? 7/21/2017

2399 Where can I get the CBF cream cheese? 8/24/2015

2394 Is the butter called for in some of your cookie recipes (such as Brooke's Chocolate Chip recipe) real butter? How can this be used in a PKU diet? 7/26/2015

2390 Can the baking mix and MixQuick be used interchangeably in cookie recipes? I want to make my grandson gingerbread cookies, and the recipe calls for MixQuick, which I don't have. I have the baking mix if I can use that. 7/10/2015

2388 What food items do you carry that is gluten free ???? 6/29/2015

2369 Do u accept PayPal? 11/13/2014

2366 Which of your products are kosher certified? 11/12/2014

2365 I noticed there are special accommodations for people with PKU who are planning to go to Disney World but what about Disneyland? 11/12/2014

2364 We are on food share (food stamps) Do you accept that as payment or no 11/3/2014

2360 Can I use my hsa account to pay for my order? 9/8/2014

2335 I don't have a lot of freezer room. Are there some cold products that can be stored in the fridge instead? 4/17/2014

2331 Hi. I've been baking bread with WelPlan for a while, using the recipe for Best White Bread in the Virginia Schuett red and white cookbook. Can this baking mix substitute WelPlan baking mix? Thanks! 4/8/2014

2330 I am interested in getting a gift certificate as a birthday present for my Dad. My question is, " Will the gift certificate arrive by mail or by email?" Thanks, Hilary Fischl 4/8/2014